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#241154 - 23/03/13 04:07 AM DCC Chat Between Same Computer
Iyouboushi Offline
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Hey everyone. I'm working on a bot that will run a game inside DCC chat. Not wanting to get into the game, as it's working fine, but I want to be able to play the game as well.

I have no problems with other people connecting to the bot via DCC Chat. I am behind a firewall but the ports are forwarded to this machine.

However, every time I try to log into the game normally it simply times out.

Nearly everything I've found online about DCC Chat problems revolves mostly around not being able to connect with other people or between two separate computers on the same LAN. I'm really not interested in trying to run two computers to connect, I'd much rather connect on the same computer.

I seem to recall a thread on the old mIRC forums that had a solution to this but for the life of me I can't find it. Seems it's long gone. frown

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions/things to try?

#241162 - 24/03/13 01:58 PM Re: DCC Chat Between Same Computer [Re: Iyouboushi]
Riamus2 Offline
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If your router uses NAT, that will prevent you from connecting if I remember correctly.
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