i'm trying to load a ini to a listview with 3 items, but when i execute the command to add a new item the last item never shows in the first time, to appear i need to reopen the dialog.

add command:

.writeini slist.ini $$input(Nick?,129,Black List) $$input(Reason of kick/ban),129,Black List) $$input(Channels?,129,Black List)

then write in the ini:


the load code:

alias list.sl {
  did -r shitlist 2
  var %c = 1
  while $ini(slist.ini,%c) {
    _looparlist2 $ini(slist.ini,%c)
    inc %c 

alias _looparlist2 {
  var %n = 1
  while $ini(slist.ini,$1,%n) {
    var %nn = $ini(slist.ini,$1,%n)
    var %cc = $readini($shortfn($mircdir\slist.ini),$1,$ini(slist.ini,$1,%n))
    did -a shitlist 2 $1 $chr(9) $+ %nn $chr(9) %cc
    inc %n

this load code works only with 2 items but not the way i want with 3 items.

if someone know a code that makes the 3 items shows up when using the add command. I'll be grateful.

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