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#239283 - 08/10/12 08:37 PM Channel Central - Add quiet button
Jeremy Offline
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Registered: 08/10/12
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I would love to see Quiet's (+q) added to the mIRC channel central.

#239284 - 08/10/12 10:31 PM Re: Channel Central - Add quiet button [Re: Jeremy]
Riamus2 Offline
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The problem with that is that "quiet" is not used everywhere. It's only available on certain networks and putting a lot of checkboxes in Channel Central for modes that are only available on certain networks can make it less useful overall. It could be added, but I think the idea for Channel Central is a place with modes that are common across all (or at least almost all) networks. It's not too hard to script a custom Channel Central for anyone who wants additional modes or other items that are needed only by them or on certain networks. Just my opinion, of course. I have no idea what Khaled thinks about adding modes that aren't used everywhere to that dialog.
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#239285 - 09/10/12 02:06 AM Re: Channel Central - Add quiet button [Re: Riamus2]
KindOne Offline
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Quiets use different numerics/raws and different syntax's depending on the IRCd.

(Just some IRCd's, others might support quiets also).
UnrealIRCd: /mode #channel +b ~q:*!*@KindOne.vhost
charybdis: /mode #channel +q *!*@KindOne.is.awesome

Luckily, UnrealIRCd shares the same numberics, so you can easily view them.
How to view quiets on UnrealIRCd:
/mode #channel b
:irc.foobar.org 367 KindOne #channel ~q:*!*@*KindOne.vhost KindOne 1339881551
:irc.foobar.org 368 KindOne #channel :End of Channel Ban List

Charybdis uses a totally different numeric, have to look at the status window or use a script.
How to view quiets on charybdis:
/mode #channel q
:irc.foobar.net 728 KindOne #channel q *!*@KindOne.is.awesome KindOne 1330184556
:irc.foobar.net 729 KindOne #channel q :End of Channel Quiet List

Numeric/raw 729 is already being used since mIRC 7.0 for 'ircd-hybrid-ru' according to some google searching.
80.Added support for whois numeric 729.

Bans are easy.. since all major IRCd's use numerics/raw 367/368 for the ban list specified in RFC 1459. It's the quiets that seem get complicated as there is no standard.
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