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#23198 - 08/05/03 02:32 PM Dialog colours/bold/font
trenzterra Offline
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Well in Mdx.dll the font option isn't that good, its either the whole ID use that font or you don't use that font at all.

However, what I wanted to do is only for some part to be in Web Dings font and the rest in verdana.

Also, dialogs should support colours and bold also. Mdx.dll doesn't have such an extensive support for it. I just want it to work normally with ctrl+k and ctrl+b.

I don't know if this is asking too much, but still... if you can implement them its great if not, nevermind.
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#23199 - 08/05/03 06:42 PM Re: Dialog colours/bold/font
_D3m0n_ Offline
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i do believe u can get multiple fonttypes and colors in a dialog menu ... but not multiple types in a single control of a dialog

ex in a list box yes u are limited to choosing one font type and one color type ... but in that same dialog u have other things like buttons and text boxes ... each one can have its own typset and color using the mdx dll

i know it seems complex but if u read up alil more ud understand it ..... experiment with it and see