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#228263 - 14/12/10 12:04 AM 10053 Error
Maraxus1199 Offline
Mostly harmless

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My wife and I have been mIRC users for years. Currently, she is experiencing the 10053 error when attempting to connect to any server at a particular location. Here's the basic rundown of the problem:

At home she is able to connect to any servers on mIRC on her laptop and doesn't experience any problems. The problem is only encountered when she attempts to connect at the university. I am not really sure that it has to do with the schools routers as I am able to connect without problems to the servers at the same location.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem?


#228285 - 15/12/10 06:42 AM Re: 10053 Error [Re: Maraxus1199]
RusselB Offline
Planetary brain

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