Hi all,

I got a bit of a strange problem on mIRC..
I use PsyBNC, so i have different networks like #E'#test (Efnet), #U'#test (Undernet etc.)

But the problem is, for example i have a channel named TEST, and there is a user in it but i'm unable to right click him, or double click him.
When i double click on that person i get the channel info, and with the right mouse button i get channel options, not user options like usual...

This is just on some users, it works on 99% of the users in the channels, but on like 1 or 2 it doesn't.. and then i get channel info instead of user info..
Very odd..

And when i connect to the server in a seperate Server Window ( so not via PsyBNC ), i DO can click on them..
The strange thing is that other people can just click the user from within PsyBNC, but i'm unable to..

Also tried it on different computers, without success.

Anyone knows why this is?