That's for sure an odd question...

/filter -t apparently sorts according to the ascii-values of the text (for letters: uppercase letters acc. to the ascii-value of their lowercase counterpart). Example:
$ = 36 >> [ = 91 >> A = a = 97 >> b = 98 >> { = 123
Dialogue lists will be sorted differently. Example:
$ >> { >> A >> b >> [

I'm looking for an alias for /filter -a, which allows me to sort the same way a dialogue list would be sorted.

Background (confusing - sorry!):
I got a dialogue with a list (style sort) where every line represents a "rule" (every rule in turn has a distinct hash table associated with various specifications for this rule). These rules are added/modified/renamed/deleted in the dialogue. As rule definitions specified by the user may conflict, I defined that rules higher in the list will have priority.
Now, a $hfind(R) in a separate table will point to the rule(s) - and thus the table(s) - that matched a certain search and shall be processed. If more than one rule matched, I need to know which one to process first. I thus wanted to add a numerical to the data part of every item of this separate table, which will be created at times where the dialogue isn't open (and the sorted list itself isn't available) - I therefore wanted to create this "index" with /filter...and realized that /filter will sort in a different way. frown

A "dummy dialogue" with a single list item (to reproduce the sort, created for a brief moment out of the display area) could be an workaround - but I'd rather avoid it...

Any help will be appreciated.