1. Local Userlevels
Userlevels per Script file.
userlist <only for this events> {
  global:userlevel:mask [info]
  local:userlevel:mask [info]

This would clean up the mess sometimes in the Userlist.

2. Editing possibility of the URL & Channel Menu
e.g. a custom command to send the urls to or a different browser than the default windows browser.

3. CTRL+SHIFT+W/Q to go back one window
If you have opened a lot of channel windows its a bit annoying to move through all others with CTRL+W to reach the first again.
I know it works for CTRL+SHIFT+TAB but not for Q and W.

4. Complete precaching of the currently parsed alias
I get errors while aliases are running (e. g. com scripts) while i edit them or add something before those aliases in the file.
It also should speed up several other scripts.

5. And a last thing
-> good night,
happy christmas and a happy new year to everyone out there laugh

one step closer to world domination