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#2058 - 16/12/02 04:22 PM IRC Hijacking
chabrap Offline
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Registered: 16/12/02
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Some unknown script has installed IRC on my machine and IRC starts automatically every time I start my machine. I keep getting messages from different people. I dont want and dont need IRC. I have tried to uninstall it but cant find any files to delete. I have run trojan finders but that has not resolved the problem.

Please tell me how to remove IRC from my machine.

thanks in advance.

Hijacked by IRC.

#2059 - 16/12/02 04:26 PM Re: IRC Hijacking
Merlin Offline
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For a Free, Online anti-virus Scanning and Removal goto http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_corp.asp chose your country and click on go, let the applets download then check all your hard drive letters and don't forget the check the Auto Clean before you click on Scan.
For more information on virus scanners check http://www.nai.com & http://www.symantec.com
You can also get Swatit the Free trojan scanning utility - go to http://www.lockdowncorp.com/bots/downloadswatit.html , download - install - UPDATE and make sure your mIRC is CLOSED before you run the scan
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#2060 - 16/12/02 04:45 PM Re: IRC Hijacking
Poppy Offline
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Also read this thread here - good luck smile
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#2061 - 16/12/02 11:51 PM Re: IRC Hijacking
The_Game Offline
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If your looking for free antivirus software i recommend going to http://thefreesite.com and downloading the AVG virus scanner....i personally recommend this because it will detect most things that norton or mcaffee or any other virus scanner does. Its freeware so all you have to do is download it and follow the installation instructions and there ya go....just thought id lend my support

#2062 - 18/12/02 01:11 AM Re: IRC Hijacking
ParaBrat Offline
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take a look here as well: http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/virus.html
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#2063 - 20/12/02 04:09 AM Re: IRC Hijacking
Time4aHoliday Offline
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In addition to using Swat-It I recommend using a programme called Ad-aware - This is free.


You may also want to use another programme called Guard-IE with your Internet Explorer (if you use I.E.) This programme will show you which web pages have bugs on them, tells you how many cookies have gone on to your computer & blocks those annoying popup adverts when visiting some sites (just to name a few things it does) laugh Unfortunately this programme only has a 20 day free trial .. after that you need to purchase it to continue all it's functions that it does.

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#2064 - 23/12/02 12:28 PM Re: IRC Hijacking
Malevolyn Offline
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I had this same problem and used RegCleaner to fix it. Use it to look for strange entries in the Startup section of your registry and remove them.

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