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#203929 - 01/09/08 06:30 PM highlighting text / line on a specific word said
dashelp Offline
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hi there,

i'm using mirc 6.34 and tried finding an option to highlight text when a specific word is said - with no luck.

BUT, there is the option to set 'highlightet text' to a specific color in the 'colors' option, AND i've seen the question being asked when i googled for it, and people said that such option exists - i just couldnt find the option (guess because the answer was for a way older mIRC version).

can you tell me where i can set mIRC to highlight text when specific keywords are said in a channel? thank you very much!

#203934 - 01/09/08 07:27 PM Re: highlighting text / line on a specific word sa [Re: dashelp]
Horstl Offline
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Open mIRCs address book (alt-B), go to the highlight tab and add a new highlight definition. The settings there should be self-explanatory... just make sure you picked "match on message" smile

#204193 - 11/09/08 02:00 PM Re: highlighting text / line on a specific word sa [Re: Horstl]
Landrew Offline
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We never could have found that in a year of searching. The help file should say where it can be found. I had to join this forum just to find it.