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#20316 - 21/04/03 03:30 PM Server List
legalize Offline
Mostly harmless

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Hi Dear mIRC Administration,
few weeks ago i sent you my network and servers' address. I sent in the form which was written by Tjerk... But in new servers.ini i can not find my server. Can you explain mne why you didn't add there my server ?
Network Name: AIN
IRC Address: irc.chat.az

#20317 - 21/04/03 03:50 PM Re: Server List
Poppy Offline
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This thread should answer your question. smile
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#20318 - 21/04/03 05:20 PM Re: Server List
codemastr Offline
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Just going to take a wild guess,

[12:18] * Resolved irc.chat.az to,,,,,,

Out of the 7 IPs listed there, 4 of them don't even work.