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#201889 - 08/07/08 02:46 PM Incorrect parsing of clicked links
leondz Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 08/07/08
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When people mention links such as "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)" and they're clicked on (using mirc 6.31), the last closing parentheses isn't included in the URL loaded in a browser.

I can kind of see why it might not be, but it's a fairly reproducible bug, and I'd hate to second-guess the code base wink


#201890 - 08/07/08 03:37 PM Re: Incorrect parsing of clicked links [Re: leondz]
foshizzle Offline
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firstly, u should upgrade to 6.32 and see if there is still a bug..
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#201891 - 08/07/08 03:43 PM Re: Incorrect parsing of clicked links [Re: leondz]
Wims Offline
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