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#19835 - 17/04/03 05:16 PM Registering a Channel?
Bulletproof Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 17/04/03
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I want to make a channel, how do i register it?

#19836 - 17/04/03 05:41 PM Re: Registering a Channel?
Knappen Offline
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That depends on whitch net you`re on.
If you are on DALnet, you join the channel and write:
/chanserv register <channel> <password> <description>

#19837 - 17/04/03 08:53 PM Re: Registering a Channel?
ParaBrat Offline
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Each network has its own policies/methods about how to (and if you can) register a channel. Check the website for that network, or go into one of their help channels which are usually listed in the MOTD you see as you connect. Many also have commands you can type to see various how-tos, like /chanserv help register.
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