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#19718 - 16/04/03 06:26 PM i got a question
mikepayne666 Offline
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Registered: 16/04/03
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can u download games on IRC? i heard u can download postal 2.
postal dude kicks ass

#19719 - 16/04/03 06:27 PM Re: i got a question
KingTomato Offline
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this is by no means a client to download illigal software, or "Warez". Please find another forum to post your requests for software pirating elsewhere..

#19720 - 16/04/03 06:32 PM Re: i got a question
Poppy Offline
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No matter how many times you post the same question, the answer will still be the same. mIRC is not an appropriate medium for downloading illegal warez. mad
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#19721 - 16/04/03 10:06 PM Re: i got a question
starbucks_mafia Offline
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If you apparently love Postal so much that you feel the need to stick a great big picture in your signature why don't you actually pay for the game so the developers can afford to create future games.
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#19722 - 17/04/03 08:48 PM Re: i got a question
ParaBrat Offline
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1. please stop adding enormous pics, they are annoying.
(one was bad enuf, when you went to two of them, well sheeeeeeesh)

2. do not post the same question multiple times, it wont get you a reply any faster

3. see this thread
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