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#19360 - 15/04/03 05:49 PM I need a proxy list for IRC
CrAsh0v3r Offline
Pikka bird

Registered: 27/12/02
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Loc: Somewhere in Central Europe
Can someone give me a website with proxy for IRC or at least a list of 10 proxy's
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#19361 - 15/04/03 10:51 PM Re: I need a proxy list for IRC
codemastr Offline
Hoopy frood

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Use of open proxies is against the rules of just about every network, and is also illegal in many nations. We will NOT help you commit a crime.

#19362 - 15/04/03 10:57 PM Re: I need a proxy list for IRC
MonoSex Offline
Fjord artisan

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Loc: Ireland
Also, most networks scans for open proxies on connect, so you'll get banned anyway :tongue: