I have a sock-script that sends off data to a VB6 EXE which is listening on port 7 via the SocketWrench 4.5 component:
The script takes a text file and parses it, sending it line by line to another alias which adds the command, parsed data, & end crlf's, and then executes it, connecting to the server app which is running locally via

There is something goofy with the connection:
Sometimes info sent by the script, is not received by the app. Even a Small 5 line file loses data, and no error from mIRC.

The Fix
To fix this i added randomly named timer, and each one gets a higher wait time by doing 60 ms * line number, which paces the data flow. this fixes data loss.

The Current Problem
i tested this script on a 125 line file, and for the most part its fine, but twards the end, i start getting:

* /sockwrite: 'Conn.806 ' no such socket

even though the script continues on and uses THAT socket name. ive used all the error reporting methods that mirc's sockets have to offer with no luck.. Any idea whats causing this?

I suppose i could be goofing up on my error reporting code, but even if i am overflowing the queue, or whatever, is this really the correct thing to show for an error? Its a bit misleading.