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#183301 - 19/08/07 04:49 AM Script to ban a channel
Justin_F Offline
Ameglian cow

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I don't know how to do this, lol.
Iv been trying to make a input script to ban a channel. But nothing works.
for example.. when I type !banchan #Chan.. it would ban that channel... But i have no clue how to make ~c: work with it.
 elseif ($1 == !banchan) { /mode +b $chan ~c:$2 } 

^that wont work. I don't know how to add the ~c: in lol. And is there a way that I can just say.. !banchan Chan.. and it will automatically add the # sign in?

#183305 - 19/08/07 04:55 AM Re: Script to ban a channel [Re: Justin_F]
Riamus2 Offline
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I don't use any networks with services that allow banning channels, but here's a possible method to do what you want. I can't test it and don't know if it's the correct format for that kind of ban.

  elseif ($1 == !banchan) { mode +b $chan ~c:# $+ $2 }

Note that /'s aren't needed in scripts. Also, you can't put something touching the $ in an identifier. To combine things, use $+.
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#183331 - 19/08/07 08:52 AM Re: Script to ban a channel [Re: Justin_F]
Horstl Offline
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  elseif ($1 == !banchan) { mode $chan +b ~c: $+ #$$2 }