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#179217 - 19/06/07 11:37 AM [ Blocked by Zone Labs Security]
IxelPixel Offline
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Registered: 19/06/07
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Every time I try to connect to a server it says [Blocked by Zone Labs Security]....um...help? >:[

#179219 - 19/06/07 11:44 AM Re: [ Blocked by Zone Labs Security] [Re: IxelPixel]
sparta Offline
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I dont know how that program work, how ever you should be able to edit the settings for it so it allow mirc to access the server you trying to connect to..
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#179226 - 19/06/07 01:33 PM Re: [ Blocked by Zone Labs Security] [Re: IxelPixel]
Riamus2 Offline
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A search for that on the forum will help you find more information. You'll need to enable IRC in the settings. You also need to allow mIRC access to the internet, but most likely you already did mIRC, so now you just need IRC enabled.
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