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#178785 - 14/06/07 04:32 PM BANLIST!
ajji Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 04/11/04
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the ban list must be bigger...

#178786 - 14/06/07 05:17 PM Re: BANLIST! [Re: ajji]
vexed2 Offline
Fjord artisan

Registered: 31/03/07
Posts: 218
I have a feeling this is down to the network. Nothing to do with mIRC

#178787 - 14/06/07 05:19 PM Re: BANLIST! [Re: vexed2]
RoCk Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 16/12/02
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I was wondering if he meant maximum bans or the size of the banlist dialog window. The maximum number of bans allowed is set by the network 005 token MAXBANS.

#178789 - 14/06/07 07:00 PM Re: BANLIST! [Re: ajji]
Horstl Offline
Hoopy frood

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Loc: Germany
Maybe ajji is talking bout the banlist of channel central (that is: its horizontal scrollbar) - missing parts of "set by, date, time" at the end.

banmask [tab] nick (user@host) date time

or, if you have not been present the time the ban was set:

banmask [tab] nick date time

having scrolled to the far right, often the part after [tab] is truncated nevertheless.... (using mirc 6.21, think this had been reported before)