Hello I'm interested in making an original game for mIRC
Not interested in 3D modeling/rendering, so this would be a 2D
interface. Knowledge of picture windows, and gaming aspects would
be nice. intermediate to advanced knowledge preferred.

I've had alot of experience designing games and I'm currently
searching for someone looking to partner up and assist with
gameplay brainstorming and scripting.

I have a strong admiration for older 80s games, and classic
gameplay and nearly anything science fiction, let me know if
you have any questions.

I'm not going to define exactly what type of genre i'd like to
make right now, because i'm pretty much open, so it kind of
depends on both our interests, so i'm willing to compromise and
its not all about some pre-defined game i've already come up

The idea is to plan the game out (from scratch) in a briefing,
so if you are interested please PM me. After briefing we'll work
on the project and collaborate when necessary. Preferred methods
of communication, MSN, e-mail, and of course irc.