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#175286 - 20/04/07 03:49 AM nick
Milto Offline
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When I register I put a nick in and I got back please choose a different nick so I did but on omenserve it has my old nick for main nick for triger. to sing in to mirc I have to put my pass word in to get to karaoke-realm. What can I do to fix this?

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#175294 - 20/04/07 10:54 AM Re: nick [Re: Milto]
Doqnach Offline
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go to the website of omenserve and ask there...

omenserve is not an official part of mIRC, it's an addon script.
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#175327 - 21/04/07 12:58 AM Re: nick [Re: Milto]
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If that is in mIRC's options rather than the script, press Alt-O > Connect. Change your main nick there. If it's the script doing it, then look for some main settings dialog that has a nick in it and change it there. As mentioned, OmenScript and other scripts are supported better where they are made rather than here. Many of us don't use that script and don't know the way it is set up.
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