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#174306 - 05/04/07 12:25 PM /amsg handling
jaytea Offline
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when MAXTARGETS= exists in raw 005, mIRC knows it can use the #chan,#chan,#chan target format instead of sending multiple commands to the server, but it strikes me as odd that it doesn't look at the actual value of MAXTARGETS and split up the messages accordingly

for example, MAXTARGETS=3 and you're on 5 channels #a,#b,#c,#d,#e. /amsg will send:

PRIVMSG #a,#b,#c,#d,#e

when it should send:

PRIVMSG #a,#b,#c

i haven't tested it for other similar commands like /ame, /qme, /qmsg (maybe even /omsg, /onotice etc.) but i imagine they also have this problem. tested on 6.21 of course
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#174334 - 05/04/07 07:52 PM Re: /amsg handling [Re: jaytea]
Spitfire3292 Offline
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Hmm. I never realized that. Nice work. This should be fixed for the next version because many people are on more channels than the MAXTARGETS value allows. If somebody wants to say something important to all channels they would have to use a small and slow while loop or use noop. It would be a lot easier if the /amsg had this already implemented into it.
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#174360 - 06/04/07 05:44 PM Re: /amsg handling [Re: jaytea]
Khaled Offline

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Thanks this should work correctly in the next version.

#174368 - 06/04/07 07:25 PM Re: /amsg handling [Re: Khaled]
RoCk Offline
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Yay no more 'Too many recipients' messages. smile

#174450 - 08/04/07 12:08 AM Re: /amsg handling [Re: RoCk]
FaiNT Offline
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and mirc should also queue msgs more then 3, some servers allow 300 chans, and like 4 maxtargets, that will get u flood-killed.
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