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#174039 - 01/04/07 10:17 PM & in dialog names
oliverw92 Offline
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well i was making a mirc help dialog and i came to making a button with && as the text on it. however i found that it underlines the next letter. is this intentional? if so, why? and if not, can it be fixed?

#174040 - 01/04/07 10:23 PM Re: & in dialog names [Re: oliverw92]
Kardafol Offline
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This is intentional. I'm not sure how to fix it, however. Try using
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#174041 - 01/04/07 10:23 PM Re: & in dialog names [Re: oliverw92]
qwerty Offline
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Yes, that's standard Windows controls behaviour. Underlined letters make up the keyboard shortcut for the related action (which for buttons is a click). In a button labelled "Test" for example, hitting the "Alt" key and then "e" has the effect of clicking that button.
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#174067 - 02/04/07 02:50 AM Re: & in dialog names [Re: oliverw92]
Spitfire3292 Offline
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You see oliver? I told you that you wouldn't be made fun of for not knowing. Now you do and aren't you glad you asked it? :P These people are very helpful and go in detail about your question and answer it quickly.

I learned something new as well. Asking here was the next best thing to do since Jaytea was idle at the time.
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