I was trying to build a script that uses SSL capabilities, and I've encounterd a number of problems that make it pretty difficult to do.

1. First of all there's no /SSL command or anything similar to set the certificate, key and server files. So I need to write the information in the mirc.ini file and reload mIRC.
Would be nice also to have the command load the SSL dlls without restarting mIRC, and resetting the $sslready var.

2. Because SSL connections use unique ports, I've found a few problems in that area as well. First there's no command to se the default port (Connect > options).
Besides that, when I try to use /server irc.srver.net:+port it does try to connect to the correct port at first, but after a few tries, when it changes to an alternative srver, it changes the port back to the default port.

3. Now when trying to fix that I've encountered another problem.
While trying to keep the connections to connect through the specifies SSL port, I found out that there's no event that triggers on connection retries.
I mean that the "On connectfail" only triggers after all the retries.
"on connect" triggers when it's succesful.
"on disconnect" triggers only if you were connected and got disconnected.
So the only thing left to do (well at least the only sollution I found) was to set the reconnect retries to a value of 1 or 0, and then use the connectfail.
But, because there's no command to set that as well, again I need to write to the mirc.ini file and restart mIRC.


What I'm actually suggesting is:
Making an /ssl command.
Making a command that sets the default port (maybe add it to the current /server command)
Making a command to change the information in the retries box, like number of retries, retry duration, and the pause between them.
Making an event that will trigger after a single connectionfail, and not only after all the retries.