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#171510 - 25/02/07 04:36 AM isin vs. findtok
DJ_Sol Offline
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Im curious what people's opinions are on this.

Lets say I want a hopflood protection on for 3 rooms.
$hget(prot,hopflood) = $chan1 $chan2 $chan3

What do you think is better?

if ($chan isin $hget(prot,hopflood))

if ($findtok($hget(prot,hopflood),$chan,1,32))

And please explain why you feel that way. Thank You!!

#171511 - 25/02/07 04:46 AM Re: isin vs. findtok [Re: DJ_Sol]
RusselB Offline
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In this case, I would use $findtok, since the usage of isin could match partials.
For example:
Chan 1 = #Testing
Chan 2 = #testicles

If the current channel was #Test, then using isin would match both of the channels listed, even though the specific channel isn't listed.

Using $findtok would check the entire channel name in the list and compare that to the channel being used, and return no match (which in this example would be correct)

#171515 - 25/02/07 05:12 AM Re: isin vs. findtok [Re: DJ_Sol]
starbucks_mafia Offline
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If you just want to check for the presence of the channel name I'd use the hidden third answer: $istok. You shouldn't use isin for the reasons RusselB mentioned.
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#171543 - 25/02/07 04:53 PM Re: isin vs. findtok [Re: starbucks_mafia]
Riamus2 Offline
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Right, $istok is much better than $findtok for something like that.
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