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#169607 - 26/01/07 02:49 AM Have chan windows bg default to server window bg
astragal Offline
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Registered: 04/04/03
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Make an option in the channel window background dialogue, so that the channel window can inherit the background image of the server window.

Or, better, make an option in the server window background image dialogue, so that all new windows for that server inherit the background of the server window by default.

Example: If i set server A to a pale pink background image, and server B to a pale lavendar background image, and select this proposed option, then all new channel/query windows on server A will have a pink background, and all the new windows on server B will have the lavender.

This would make being on same-named rooms on different servers much easier! Thanks for listening. - astra

#169617 - 26/01/07 04:35 AM Re: Have chan windows bg default to server window bg [Re: astragal]
Riamus2 Offline
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That could be useful and would save having to script something to handle that. Of course, I would probably never need that, but it still sounds like it could be useful to people.
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