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#224018 - 04/08/10 12:33 PM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: kiwichick888]
Horstl Offline
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With the DNS issue solved, you should now get "Local host: <your hostname> (<your IP>)" instead of "Local host: <your hostname> (unknown)". mIRC wasn't able to resolve your hostname after the regular "method: server"-lookup aka "/localinfo -u" .

#224019 - 04/08/10 12:43 PM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: Horstl]
kiwichick888 Offline
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Thanks Horstl, Yip that's what's happened. Looks all good on that front. I've disconnected and reconnected several times and IP Address is consistently filled in. I'm stoked. I don't know if the DCC Send issue has been completely cleared up though. I messaged an Op and asked them to request a file from me. It send just fine all by itself but another user has requested files and they aren't being sent. Hopefully it might be something on their end. I can still manual DCC Send to that user.

#227735 - 19/11/10 07:45 PM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: kiwichick888]
adiroman2010 Offline
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My Local Host field is empty, i get this message "Local host: unknown". I just change my ISP and i didn't have this problems before
What should i do?

#227742 - 20/11/10 12:10 AM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: adiroman2010]
Riamus2 Offline
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You can check with your ISP and see if they can figure out why their DNS isn't resolving. Or, you can always change your DNS information to a free DNS server instead of using your ISP's. I had to do that with TimeWarner because they just kept having DNS problems like you describe, so I changed mine to the free Google ones and haven't had a problem since. There are many free DNS servers available if you decide to go that route.

Of course, you can just manually fill in your local host field each time you connect (or use a script to do so). It doesn't solve the problem, but it's a workaround for it. And make sure you're using the right settings in there as the wrong settings may also play a role.
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#228225 - 12/12/10 03:51 PM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: ParaBrat]
Dani7 Offline
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hi, i have a problem with receiving dcc. normally i will be able to get the first file with no problem but when it comes to the second or third file, i will always get the error message which is something like dcc get (unable to connect). anyone knows what might be causing this? thanks in advance. and also i suspect the problem lies on my side as i have tried with multiple senders.

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#228254 - 13/12/10 04:17 PM Re: Cant DCC send [Re: Dani7]
RusselB Offline
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Do you have Passive DCC checked? If so, try un-checking it.
Another possibility is that the socket connection that is made for the first get isn't closing before you try to receive (get) the second file. Try waiting a few seconds.

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