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#165003 - 21/11/06 04:27 AM dialog help MDX
paradoxial Offline
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i am having probloms with a mdx style dialog i have setup the dialog for a button list to change between tabs now it will only change for the first 2 tabs but when i want to goto the third one it wont this is the command used and the buttons setup

on *:dialog:pdxbot:sclick:*:{
if ($did == 2) { did -f $dname $calc($did(2).sel + 1) }

and ....

did -i $dname 2 1 bmpsize 16 16
did -i $dname 2 1 setimage icon small $+($remove($scriptdir,$mircdir),icons\setup.ico)
did -i $dname 2 1 setimage icon small $+($remove($scriptdir,$mircdir),icons\services.ico)
did -i $dname 2 1 setimage icon small $+($remove($scriptdir,$mircdir),icons\services.ico)
did -a $dname 2 +agcx 1 $readini(%bconfig, tabs,tab1)
did -a $dname 2 +agc 2 $readini(%bconfig, tabs,tab2)
did -a $dname 2 +agc 3 $readini(%bconfig, tabs,tab3)

any help would be great thanks

#165004 - 21/11/06 05:41 AM Re: dialog help MDX
RusselB Offline
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You have this same post in the Scripts & Pop-ups section, which is where it should be (or if it shouldn't be there, then it should be on the MDX help board). In any case, do not double post your requests.