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#164028 - 07/11/06 12:39 AM Unable to use basic command
pelefirequeen Offline
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Hi! I've been trying to figure this out and I've been fishing through the msg boards for answers but haven't been able to find any.

Once my 30 day trial of mIRC was up I was all of a sudden unable to use the /me command. I registered the program, updated it, everything that I could think of yet I keep getting the same message on sorcery:

[19:04] -InfoServ- Unknown command dressed.
[19:04] -InfoServ- Try /msg InfoServ HELP for more information

If this has happened to anyone else or can tell me what this is due to, please let me know. Other people in my channel can use the comman without a problem.

#164029 - 07/11/06 01:01 AM Re: Unable to use basic command
RusselB Offline
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It's saying that "dressed" (without the quotation marks) is an unknown command. I've never seen "dressed" as a valid command on any network. Additionally, it tells you how you can get further assistance.
Try /msg InfoServ HELP for more information

As this is a problem with that specific network, your first line of clarification should be using the HELP command (as indicated above),

If that is insufficient, then you should refer to the networks help channel, usually #help.

#164030 - 07/11/06 02:51 AM Re: Unable to use basic command
deegee Offline
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Seems to me like you have somehow replaced the /me command with an alias.
Type this to see if you have an alias named 'me'
//echo -s $isalias(me) $isalias(me).fname
That will either display...
$false or $true <path to some script file>

If its $false, it is because of some other reason that you have this problem.
If its true, you can unload that script or remove the me alias from it (or fix the alias perhaps)

Other than that, it could be an input event ccausing the problem.

#164031 - 07/11/06 12:16 PM Re: Unable to use basic command
Sais Offline
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As deegee says, it looks like /me has been aliased to something else. Something that sends a message to InfoServ, hence those responses.