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#1617 - 14/12/02 08:21 AM What is thewindow users ?
dunkelzahn Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 10/12/02
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is ther a better explanation of the window users than the help file ???

#1618 - 14/12/02 08:32 AM Re: What is thewindow users ?
Dana Offline
Vogon poet

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Loc: Montreal, Canada
What windows are you talking about? Windows users? *confused* Could you give the specific section of the help file on this, please?
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

#1619 - 14/12/02 12:07 PM Re: What is thewindow users ?
Wiggle Offline
Pikka bird

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if you mean custom windows, try taking a look at this tutorial: Click here

or, if you mean picture windows, take a look at these:Good luck!

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