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#16175 - 20/03/03 03:55 PM read control codes with READINI ???
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Pikka bird

Registered: 20/03/03
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Does anyone know how to save CONTROL CODES from mIRC to be read by the READINI command?

if you do that will open a BIG door for me and what i am doing with my script!

thanks in advance....

#16176 - 20/03/03 05:16 PM Re: read control codes with READINI ???
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Vogon poet

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you can save them as $asc() values:

$chr(2) == Bold
$chr(3) == Colour Code

The only thing I've noticed is that you can't

//writeini -n test.ini Colours Test $chr(3) $+ 4 This

There may be a way to write something to an ini file without it forst being evaluated...?


Just noticed, I was using // - command line - Is there a way in script?

Sorry, home time!!!

#16177 - 20/03/03 10:32 PM Re: read control codes with READINI ???
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Babel fish

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Download this.