I'm simply curious as to why the version number is not tied into mirc's version. I've also wondered why it has never been incorperated with the mirc help file as it would seem to make the help file more in depth. I understand people's issues with file size, but for the most part, this is no longer an issue.

The Faq's size is LESS than 100k and even downloading over a 56k conneciton it would only add a few seconds of download time.

I also believe the examples used in it, along with the examples in mirc's help file would make scripting clearer for new peopel as well as resolve other issues too. These are just my thoughts on the matter and I did NOT put this in the Features Suggestion forum because I was curious why it was never combined smile I think it would be great if it was added, but that's not the point of the question smile

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