----- /splay Queue Support -----
I noticed in the new version its still lacking more support/identifiers for the "/splay -q" option.

Just looking for an easier way to show what files are currently in the queued list.

Maybe $squeue() or $queue().
$squeue(0) = Returns how many files are left in the list.
$squeue(n) = Returns the file that is in the Nth list position.

Hopefully I can get more support?

Would make this a lot easier to keep track of the files in queue. =)

------ ANSI/Control Codes ------

Maybe we could see Strikethru and Italics for ANSI/Control Codes,
OR Bold and Underline for ANSI (Sense mIRC already supports these.)

Also, could anyone elaborate on the CTRL-Code 99? It says it's transparent but I've tryed messing around with it, I'm not for sure how to use it..


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