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#147748 - 23/04/06 04:54 PM Saving logs as UTF-8
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The new UTF-8 support is a welcommed adition to an otherwise excelent IRC client.

My question is this. How can you get mIRC to save it's logs in the UTF-8 encoding instead of the regular char-encoding? As a client it's not really that important as my log-viewer can automatically convert the logs, but other programs using the logs (like statistic generators) isn't that flexible. Am I being blind, or isn't this supported yet?

#147749 - 16/05/06 10:30 PM Re: Saving logs as UTF-8
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If you upgraded your mIRC, and are still using the logfiles of the previous version, you should close mirc, rename the old logfiles (or move them to another folder) and restart mIRC.

Logfiles created by 6.17 are automatically UTF-8 flagged, but it doesnt update old logfiles.
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