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#147501 - 19/04/06 09:16 PM Lock dialog to taskbar
truguce Offline
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I've been looking for a way to lock my dialog to the taskbar. At the same time also trying to figure out how to "hide" a dialog and not just close it. When I close it or click "ok", all other commands to it comes up as an error. example: I have one set to a "on join" it adds nick to listbox and removes nick on quit/part/kick. After i close window i just get errors when people join/part/kick/quit.

#147502 - 20/04/06 01:19 AM Re: Lock dialog to taskbar
MikeChat Offline
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you will need to post your code here for us to help more effectively

but if you have the dialog close you could have all those events in a #group and disable the group when the dialog closes
or you can have a line in each to check if the dialog exists and if so do the rest, not as efficient