i've found a bug in the logging, not sure if i'm the only one thats discovered it or if its been reported before,

if you are connected to two different servers on the same network and are in the same channel's and thiers a slight lag between the server then the log comes out like this

this was taken straight from the log file. i've removed the users nicks, and replaced then with "nick" and "nick2"

[Mon Apr-02:02:51am] <nick> you'd a[Mon Apr-02:02:51am] <nick> you'd also have [Mon Apr-02:03:27am] <nick2> *nods*
[Mon Apr-02:19:32am] <nick2}> [Mon Apr-02:19:32am] <nick2}> may i assume, [Mon Apr-02:21:33am]

the delay is not even a second however its enough to through the logging off, i have checked and if thier is no lag between the servers then the logging is fine.

i know its not a major bug and normal people wouldn't be connected to two servers on the same server, if you could look in to it, it would be apricated.

thank you