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#144442 - 10/03/06 12:13 PM /whois #chan
Abe Offline
Pikka bird

Registered: 09/03/06
Posts: 11
Is there a way to /whois an entire channel?
Kinda like /who #chan, but I'd also like to see more detaild whois information about the users, like which other chans they're at.

#144443 - 10/03/06 02:44 PM Re: /whois #chan
genius_at_work Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 08/10/05
Posts: 1741
I don't think it is possible to do /whois #chan.

You could write/download a script that uses a loop to whois the whole channel, or the selected users. I'm sure there are many scripts available that do this. Note that whois scanning some channels is likely to get you kicked or klined.


#144444 - 11/03/06 01:47 AM Re: /whois #chan
Skeletor Offline
Vogon poet

Registered: 24/02/05
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Loc: Nottingham, England
you could try /who #, I know this is not the same. But it will give you all the info you need in one command.