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#144318 - 08/03/06 09:53 PM missing icons
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This is so random, but my problem is, I got myself a new computer and now I'm re-downloading mIRC. I was trying to register again (since I'm now using a new nick ) when I noticed that on the toolbar when I pressed the "help" button to try to register again (since I have the code) I noticed that the "register" botton (it's supposed to be below the "about mIRC" button) went missing.

So my question is, is it just my version that's missing it or do I have to go to the website and re-register?

#144319 - 08/03/06 11:08 PM Re: missing icons
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Nickname registration has nothing to do with mIRC's registration. The former is unique to certain networks.

To re-enter your mIRC registration info, simply type /registration. :-)


#144320 - 08/03/06 11:14 PM Re: missing icons
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If the register icon is missing, then that means that mIRC is being recognized as being registered on that computer.

You said that you're re-downloading mIRC. Does this mean that you've downloaded, installed and registered mIRC on that system before, or are you downloading it for the first time?

If you go to Help - About, it will show in the pop-up dialog box the name of the person that mIRC is recognizing as being registered to. If it's not recognizing a registration, then it will show as Unregistered.

Please note that registration of mIRC has nothing to do with the nick that you use for chatting on the IRC networks, and any registration of that nick.