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#137001 - 06/12/05 10:07 PM RAR'ing up files from inside mIRC
synth7 Offline
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Is there a way, using /run and some WinRAR command line parameters, to be able to take a few files from my mIRC directory, and add them to a RAR file, which would go in my root C:\ directory or something, and then (using sockets or a batch file or something along those lines) to upload the new RAR file to some webspace?


#137002 - 06/12/05 10:59 PM Re: RAR'ing up files from inside mIRC
ClickHeRe Offline
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open a DOS window and go to C:\Program Files\Winrar using the cd command

type rar and Enter you will have all the winrar command line options.

unrar is the unarchiver, same thing to have the command line options.

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#137003 - 07/12/05 02:42 AM Re: RAR'ing up files from inside mIRC
fast68 Offline
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what exactly are RAR files

how do you play these files ?

#137004 - 07/12/05 02:49 AM Re: RAR'ing up files from inside mIRC
hixxy Offline
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RAR files are archives, just like ZIP files, and need to be extracted.