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#13232 - 26/02/03 12:15 PM open socket
Kazz Offline
Ameglian cow

Registered: 24/02/03
Posts: 43
yeah, my bot has an open socket or something. it says /sockopen 'bot1' or some such thing, wondering if it was anything to worry about.
Thanx (sorry if I misplaced this)
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#13233 - 26/02/03 09:37 PM Re: open socket
_D3m0n_ Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 11/12/02
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Loc: Florida,USA
anything that u dont know what it does is something to be worried over ....... especially since its apparent the bot ur using isnt one of your own creation...... try looking thru ur scripts from thast bot and see why it has the open socket ...... it could be for any number of reasons some ok and some very very bad