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#129771 - 09/09/05 09:04 AM DCC living it's own fantasy.
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Ok, I had to do an backup copy someof my arts and they're about 6 gigs worth... But the DCC only shows me 4GB and keeps at steady 99% all that time... And unfortunately the counter starts allover again when it hits the 4GB mark. This is not only annoying, but confusing.

And I cant yet tell if the DCC keeps re-working the download at hand... For few times now I've had to download the whole package (or some of it, but mainly from the start) all over again. I cant find any possible solutions, but increasing the DCC-send size might work.

The version of my mIRC is 6.16 with no additional scripts included, runned in Windows 2000 Professional with latest updates at hand.
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#129772 - 09/09/05 09:27 AM Re: DCC living it's own fantasy.
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The DCC send protocol sends the file size in bytes as a 32bit integer, and that gives a maximum size of 2^32 bytes = 4GB. DCC was never intended for sending such large files.

I suggest using a protocol more suitable to file transfer, like FTP (file transfer protocol). It might be a good idea to keep your files below 2GB too, most compression tools allow to create multiple volumes.