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#12892 - 24/02/03 08:30 PM I have a trojan Virus that won't let me partition.
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Hi all,

Well, i went to home clinet and they told me i have several trojan viruses on my pc that can't be deleted so I must format my system. When I run through my 2000professional setup, I can not delete the C partition. My friends think it's due to the virus. Also, before I figured out i had a virus, I installed turbo tax on my system. My friend's jaw dropped when i told him that due to it's piracy protection, (C-Dilla). That also could be stopping me from partitioning. Any suggetions on what to do next?

#12893 - 24/02/03 09:38 PM Re: I have a trojan Virus that won't let me partition.
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Try a trojan removal programme such as SwatIt, which you can find here and see if that helps. Trojans that can't be 'cleaned' can usually be removed manually, but you'll need to follow the removal instructions carefully, as it usually involves going into the registry. You could also try TheCleaner from here.
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#12894 - 26/02/03 03:47 AM Re: I have a trojan Virus that won't let me partition.
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ok well first off a trojan really isnt a virus so it wouldnt have anything to do with you not being able to format especially if you have a firewall or arent connected to the net, all a trojan is is a back door program more often then not ull find it is simply the Sub 7 trojan. As far as not being able to delete the logical partition of a drive it sounds like a bad hard drive to me, if you have problems such as CRC failures that could cause you not to be able to format or even delete files. Anyway gl to ya and instead of del your partition why not just add one and delete that one after you switch wink
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