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#12676 - 23/02/03 03:16 PM on join or on op
Kilon Offline
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Registered: 23/02/03
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on *:join:#: {if $chan == #plp-intern) { .mode $chan -o [PLP]Blipster } }

can i use that?

#12677 - 23/02/03 03:39 PM Re: on join or on op
Watchdog Offline
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ON *:JOIN:#plp-intern: {
  mode # -o [PLP]Blipster

That looks more like the correct code. As for the function I am not sure it it will work.

1. There's no check in it to make the script only reacts to your join.
2. When the ON JOIN event occurs, you are not +o.
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#12678 - 23/02/03 03:43 PM Re: on join or on op
NightChillz Offline
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Personaly i would use on *:op:*:{
Then check the nick for a match, if macth is found, mode $chan -o $nick

as, even if the user joins the room as op, the mode +o command is sent to the server, so you would pick it up.