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#12223 - 20/02/03 11:21 PM Sockets
phrozenfire Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 30/12/02
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I have another question about sockets again. I have this site:


How can I get the amount of people (its the number) on each "world", all at one time, then save each one to a var?

Same with:


Please help if you have any spare time.

#12224 - 20/02/03 11:58 PM Re: Sockets
Collective Offline
Planetary brain

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I made a script a while ago that did something like that...I got bored and gave up, here's the URL to it:
Type /rsp and it should echo the servers and the amount of players on them soon after.

Remember though: It relies on the lines containing the data to always be the same (they haven't changed the lines for a long time so hopefully they won't do it any time soon)