I have been working on a script that works with active x controls and such. I have gotten it to work for the most park, with an exception of one problem. In the active X control, I programed in a form that is supposed to be shown at a certain point in the coding. Now, when that line is reached, the line is only 'MainFrm.Show' (Visual Basics Programing). When it reaches that point, An Error is raised. The return code I put in for the error gives me 'DLL Internal Error:406:Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from an ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Control, or Property Page.' Now, from what I have read this error is being raised because of a setting of mIRC itself. What I would like to know is there anyway to bypass this error to have the form show, or is mIRC programmed not to show forms. The AXC runs fine, and I' sure I could find away to create a second program that reads from the control, but I would much prefer to just to get mIRC to allow the form to show.