UnrealIRCD changed up their raw usage for whois a little bit and I just wanted to direct its attention to Khaled heres a link
and a snippet as to the changefile

- Changed the 'is a Secure Connection' msg/numeric in /whois from RPL_WHOISSPECIAL to
a slightly changed RPL_WHOISSECURE, namely: ':%s 671 %s %s :is using a Secure connection',
I'm sure some client coders will bitch at this, but the current way is brok in 2 ways:
- RPL_WHOISSPECIAL is meant for 1 line of additional whois info, usually an IRCOp title or
description. Having a dedicated numeric for it allows for client-side interpretations
and/or translations.
- The 'is a Secure Connection' was incorrect English, this has been reported numerous times.
The PRO's of this change are clear, the only CON is that in-window-/whois's are now
likely not to show this line properly in-window but rather in the status window, until client
coders implement this numeric.
If you wonder why we didn't use RPL_USINGSSL, that's because this numeric collides with
RPL_STATSDLINE (which we are already using for >5 years).
If you wonder why we didn't use the RPL_WHOISSECURE numeric as-is (even though I haven't
seen it in use anywhere), then that's because we wanted to minimize display problems in
the transition period and the extra parameter would not be used by us anyway.