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#113155 - 01/03/05 07:02 PM bindip / $ip
Jae Offline
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I noticed before when for the first time i wanted to bind a socket to an ip adress the commands were lacking something.
Firstly, if you can choose to bind to an ip.. why is there no way to list ip's you can bind to.. also good to verifyin code that you're binding to the right ip.
Secondly, im curious as to what ip adress $portfree(N) is likely to use (on a machine with multiple ip addresses).
I asume each ip adress can have its own set of ports.
Thus making $portfree(N) useless when multiple ip's are used.

#113156 - 01/03/05 11:45 PM Re: bindip / $ip
bamaboy1217 Offline
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both suggestions are very good points i never thoguht of that; even though i am not on a machine with multiple ips i am especially behind the $portfree thing add an optional parameter mayb? like $portfree(N,ip) or something otherwise it shoudl default to the one mIRC is current useing? if you get what im saying; also i dont see how the first one cou dlbe a bad idea as well.
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