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#111563 - 16/02/05 10:13 PM Whois notice
PunkDud3 Offline
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how to make script if someone whois me it notices me

#111564 - 16/02/05 10:16 PM Re: Whois notice
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You cannot do this, if you are a user then there is no notification to mIRC that you have been /whoised. Often if you are an oper it's the same. However, some networks do allow their IRC Operators to see who /whois's them - if this is the case, you would most likely use the ON SNOTICE event.


#111565 - 16/02/05 10:16 PM Re: Whois notice
tidy_trax Offline
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Some servers send a server notice to IRCOp's, but i've never heard of one sending it for anyone.

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#111566 - 16/02/05 10:16 PM Re: Whois notice
sparta Offline
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A simple answer. You cant, some networks let opers know they are whoised tho..
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#111567 - 17/02/05 08:29 AM Re: Whois notice
Armada Offline
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Well if you run unreal and anope there has been a module made that allows normal users to see the whois