Hmm.. you could use $did(id).text to get the line's text.

About the files' path, the only pattern I see is this:



You could use a $gettok with C = 46 (.) and return:
$gettok(WholePath,1,46) -> 1st part of the path, up to the filename, but NOT extension = C:\mirc\mIRC-\blabla
$gettok(WholePath,2,46) -> 2nd part, including extension and the crap you dont want to show. = abcTheRestThatYouDontWant.

Now, get that crap (Eg: mrc34adv1.43), return only the 3 first chars, which correspond to the extension --> $left($gettok(WholePath,2,46),3) = mrc

After that, add the dot (.) in the middle:

The above *should* work in all the extensions are 3 lettered. I am pretty sure that a regex would fit you better, but I also know zero about them.

Hole this helps smile

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