Normally id agree but i dont think buffered output in this case would work too well. Many applications could write a large amount of data etc.. making for a very large buffer.

From what i understood of the idea he wants the identifier to return the inbound data from the pipe. i.e

var %whatever = $exec(some\app.exe)

In order for that to work the app must be run and then mIRC must enter into a wait state (See WaitForSingleObject and WaitForIdleInput), and then set the variable to whatever is on the pipe. (note: this could quite easily reach 10's of kb exceeding the variable size limit).

I think the idea of an async callback would be best in this case. Just my 1 cent

On a side note $exec could use companion idents such as $readpipe and /writepipe etc.. This would work with your buffered output idea as $readpipe would simply read from that buffer returning a special value if the buffer is empty.

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